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Beer on DVD no30


After Homer is arrested for driving home under the influence from a brewery trip to the Duff Brewery, he is subject to a driving ban and forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He decides to use Lisa's bike to get to meetings but only falls off and gets bombarded with bottles from the Duff promotional balloon. However he eventually does keep his promise to Marge to stay Duffless for thirty days, the ultimate test, after Marge pressures him to give up beer for a month.

There’s a great wad of allegedly archive Duff Beer commercials, resurrected when Homer reminisces on how he first got into the beerdrinking habit, (and you can also find those on YouTube).

As the month progresses  Homer finds his  beergut getting smaller and he has saved over $100. After 30 days, Marge is truly proud of Homer for keeping his end of his deal, but the thirsty Homer rushes back to Moe’s bar, money in hand. Marge argues that just because Homer stuck to his alcohol-free month doesn’t mean he has to jump off the wagon the moment it is over. Homer goes anyway, and is about to drink up when he sees clearly for once what effect alcohol has had on his drinking pals, and heads home. All the time the viewers, me included, are expecting him to cave in, in classic Homer Simpson fashion but the episode closes with Homer and Marge riding a bike into the sunset to the tune of “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head”.

I can’t do it justice, as every line is a gem. Police Chief to Marge: “Mrs. Simpson, I have some bad news. Your husband was found DOA”. Marge: “Oh my god. He's dead?” 
Chief: “Oh, wait, I mean DWI. I always get those two mixed up”. 

The episode can be found on Simpsons Complete Season Four. On eBay or PlayTrade the set can be had for around a tenner. New it will cost you around £16.

reviewed in O-to-K Winter 2011 text ©RKW